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The author of these pages is getting old and is not in very good health. It is not clear how long he will be able to keep up this web site. It could even be that the site ceases to exist. For that reason, he decided to make it possible to download the whole site in one single ZIP-file, for local browsing, offline. However, as of now, the contents of this site are still being revised and changed. So, please come back later to the on-line version of this page and check for updated versions.

Here is the latest copy of this whole site, for offline use, in the form of a ZIP-archive: (circa 30 megabytes). Download (save) that zip-file and extract the folder biblepages2019nov22 in it to a suitable place on your computer or a memory stick or similar. Save that folder for later use. Close the ZIP, and then browse the files in that folder, via the table of contents page (contents.htm), or via the keyword index (rkw011.htm).

Please note that the contents of this site are copyrighted ©. Read on:

Quoting: You can quote shorter passages from the articles at this site, provided that you mention the source by stating that the quote comes from “the Bible Pages”. State also the full internet address (URL) to the article in question. Example: If the quote is from the page rga022.htm, then it should be marked “The Bible Pages,”. Include also a date. The quote must be an exact, not edited wording, but you should remove eventual web links from the quoted text. If you need an “author name” for the quote, make it to “The Bible Pages,”.

Sharing with others: You may not re-publish any part of the contents of this site (not in any language), as a booklet, brochure or on the internet or in other ways; the author retains the copyright ©. But, you can send copies of the documents at this site, for instance to a friend. You can even give paper-copies to others, provided that you print the document in question in full, in the form it appears on this site, including the address and date at its end.

If the Bible Pages online site ceases to exist, the copyright © still applies, but of course, you can give copies of the above-mentioned ZIP-file, or individual documents contained in it, to others, provided that you do not in any way alter the ZIP or the documents in it, or add things to them. Please always check for an eventual newer version of the ZIP.

A note: Some of the files in the ZIP-file contain links to the online site. This is mostly regarding the word search puzzles. But, they can be browsed even via the relevant index pages in the offline version of this site.

On the goal and purpose of this site, and some words about the author. → rpa032.htm

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