Bible-related word-search puzzles in printable PDF-format

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(The actual puzzles are larger than this illustration.)

This page contains links to bible-related word-search puzzles in printable PDF-format. The smallest maze has 35 words, the largest one 135. Most of the words in them are taken from the Scriptures – not specific to any particular translation, but often close to the spelling in the 1769 edition of king James’ bible. These find-a-word mazes are made to be solved in printed form, with a pen. They are really written for adults, but some of them can even be used as an activity for youth. Some of them are easy; some are quite hard.

These PDF-documents are freely zoomable, for paper-size A4, A3 or larger. Most of them are also available in a version that enables print with large letters even on A4-size paper.

Copyright: You can give these puzzles even to others, if you keep them in the shape they are on this site, including the links and date on them. (Always get the latest version of each document, directly from this site.) But, you may not in any manner re-publish these puzzles or use them on the internet or in other media; the author retains the copyright ©.

The theme of the puzzle – what its words are related toSize of puzzleProduced or changed
Download links

The book of Genesis.84 words; size 26 × 17 letters.2018–07–25rpu001.pdf (normal text, A4 or A3)
rpu001b.pdf (larger letters on A4)
The patriarch Abraham.69 words, size 29 × 16 letters.2018–07–29rpu002.pdf (normal text, A4 or A3)
rpu002b.pdf (larger letters on A4)
Jacob the son of Isaac.67 words, size 24 × 15 letters.2018–07–29rpu003.pdf (normal text, A4 or A3)
rpu003b.pdf (larger letters on A4)
Joseph the son of Jacob.51 words, size 25 × 15 letters.2018–07–29rpu004.pdf (normal text, A4 or A3)
rpu004b.pdf (larger letters on A4)
Moses.58 words, size 24 × 15 letters.2018–10–14rpu005.pdf (normal text, A4 or A3)
rpu005b.pdf (larger letters on A4)
The Exodus (when the Israelites left Egypt).51 words, size 22 × 15 letters.2018–10–31rpu006.pdf (normal text, A4 or A3)
rpu006b.pdf (larger letters on A4)
Events by Mount Sinai (Exodus 19–24).66 words, size 24 × 15 letters.2018–10–31rpu007.pdf (normal text, A4 or A3)
rpu007b.pdf (larger letters on A4)
The Tent or Tabernacle, the portable sanctuary.63 words, size 26 × 15 letters.2019–03–28rpu008.pdf (normal text, A4 or A3)
rpu08b.pdf (larger letters on A4)
The names of the books of the Bible.60 words, size 25 × 15 letters.2018–07–27rpu009.pdf (normal text, A4 or A3)
rpu009b.pdf (larger letters on A4)
The book of Ruth.51 words, size 22 × 15 letters.2018–07–30rpu010.pdf (normal text, A4 or A3)
rpu010b.pdf (larger letters on A4)
Kings of Israel and Judah.47 words, size 20 × 13 letters.2018–07–29rpu011.pdf (large letters, A4 or A3)
The book of Esther.63 words, size 27 × 15 letters.2018–07–29rpu012.pdf (normal text, A4 or A3)
rpu012b.pdf (larger letters on A4)
The book of Job.52 words, size 23 × 15 letters.2018–07–30rpu013.pdf (normal text, A4 or A3)
rpu013b.pdf (larger letters on A4)
The book of Daniel.54 words, size 24 × 15 letters.2018–07–30rpu014.pdf (normal text, A4 or A3)
rpu014b.pdf (larger letters on A4)
The Beatitudes.48 words, size 19 × 15 letters.2018–07–29rpu015.pdf (large letters, A4 or A3)
John 15, the parable of the vinedresser, vine, branches and fruit.51 words, size 20 × 15 letters.2018–07–23rpu016.pdf (large letters, A4 or A3)
The Book of Acts.54 words, size 21 × 16 letters.2018–07–29rpu017.pdf (large letters, A4 or A3)
Acts chapter 6.52 words, size 22 × 15 letters.2018–07–30rpu018.pdf (normal text, A4 or A3)
rpu018b.pdf (larger letters on A4)
Acts chapter 15.54 words, size 24 × 15 letters.2019–04–17rpu019.pdf (normal text, A4 or A3)
rpu019b.pdf (larger letters on A4)
Acts 20:17–38, the apostle Paul addressing elders from Ephesus.54 words, size 26 × 15 letters.2018–11–06rpu020.pdf (normal text, A4 or A3)
rpu020b.pdf (larger letters on A4)
The apostles.60 words, size 26 × 16 letters.2019–02–16rpu021.pdf (normal text, A4 or A3)
rpu021b.pdf (larger letters on A4)
The apostle Paul.56 words, size 26 × 16 letters.2019–04–14rpu022.pdf (normal text, A4 or A3)
rpu022b.pdf (larger letters on A4)
Persons and places in the Asia of the New Testament.75 words, size 26 × 18 letters.2018–07–31rpu023.pdf (normal text, A4 or A3)
rpu023b.pdf (larger letters on A4)
New Testament places and persons somehow connected with Greece.58 words, size 24 × 16 letters.2018–07–31rpu024.pdf (normal text, A4 or A3)
rpu024b.pdf (larger letters on A4)
New Testament places and persons connected with Italy and Rome, and the apostle Paul’s journey there.51 words, size 21 × 15 letters.2019–04–14rpu025.pdf (large letters, A4 or A3)
2 Corinthians 3, the Spirit versus the letter.51 words, size 23 × 15 letters.2018–11–10rpu026.pdf (normal text, A4 or A3)
rpu026b.pdf (larger letters on A4)
Galatians chapter 3.51 words, size 23 × 15 letters.2018–12–01rpu027.pdf (normal text, A4 or A3)
rpu027b.pdf (larger letters on A4)
Jesus.68 words, size 25 × 17 letters.2018–07–29rpu028.pdf (normal text, A4 or A3)
rpu028b.pdf (larger letters on A4)
The Book of Revelation.62 words, size 24 × 17 letters.2018–08–01rpu029.pdf (normal text, A4 or A3)
rpu029b.pdf (larger letters on A4)
The saints and Heaven.43 words, size 22 × 14 letters.2019–01–05rpu030.pdf (normal text, A4 or A3)
rpu030b.pdf (larger letters on A4)
Gideon, Judges 6–8.64 words, 15 × 28 letters.2018–08–01rpu031.pdf (normal text, A4 or A3)
rpu031b.pdf (larger letters on A4)
Tithes and tithing.54 words, size 27 × 15 letters.2019–05–28rpu032.pdf (normal text, A4 or A3)
rpu032b.pdf (larger letters on A4)
Names of places that are mentioned in the four Gospels.58 words, size 24 × 17 letters.2018–08–01rpu033.pdf (normal text, A4 or A3)
rpu033b.pdf (larger letters on A4)
Exodus chapter 32, the matter of the golden calf.55 words, size 21 × 15 letters.2018–10–31rpu034.pdf (large letters, A4 or A3)
The fruit of the Spirit.53 words, size 25 × 17 letters.2018–08–01rpu035.pdf (normal text, A4 or A3)
rpu035b.pdf (larger letters on A4)
The crossing of Jordan and taking of Jericho.42 words, size 21 × 15 letters.2018–07–29rpu036.pdf (large letters, A4 or A3)
King David.101 words, size 19 × 29 letters.2018–07–29rpu037.pdf (large letters, A4 or A3)
The apostle Simon Peter.50 words, size 19 × 18 letters.2018–07–29rpu038.pdf (large letters, A4 or A3)
Patriarch Isaac the son of Abraham.43 words, size 18 × 15 letters.2018–07–29rpu039.pdf (large letters, A4 or A3)
Jerusalem, in biblical times and later.43 words, size 20 × 17 letters.2018–07–29rpu040.pdf (large letters, A4 or A3)
The apostle John.
9 puzzles, each with 53 words, size 24 × 14 letters.2018–08–01rpu041.pdf (normal text, A4 or A3)
rpu041b.pdf (larger letters on A4)
Revelation 11, the two witnesses.8 puzzles, each with 57 words, size 17 × 17 letters.2019–06–01rpu042.pdf (large letters, A4 or A3)
Rivers and seas that are mentioned in the Bible.35 words, size 16 × 14 letters.2018–10–31rpu043.pdf (large letters, A4 or A3)
Biblical names that are connected to mountains and hills.44 words, size 15 × 14 letters.2018–10–31rpu044.pdf (large letters, A4 or A3)
The 1611 King James version. Archaic words, including word explanations.65 words, size 22 × 15 letters.2019–01–16rpu045.pdf (normal text, A4 or A3)
rpu045b.pdf (larger letters on A4)
Names and things that are somehow connected with Egypt, in the Bible.65 words, size 21 × 17 letters.2019–02–16rpu046.pdf (normal text, A4 or A3)
rpu046b.pdf (larger letters on A4)
Names and things somehow connected with Babylon, in the Bible.55 words, size 21 × 20 letters.2018–07–29rpu047.pdf (large letters, A4 or A3)
The Passover in Egypt.44 words, size 18 × 18 letters.2018–07–30rpu048.pdf (large letters, A4 or A3)
Nehemiah chapter 10.8 puzzles with 76 words each, size 20 × 20 letters.2018–07–30rpu049.pdf (large letters, A4 or A3)
The prophet Elijah.52 words, size 17 × 17 letters.2019–01–16rpu050.pdf (large letters, A4 or A3)
The patriarch Noah, the Ark and the Flood.47 words, size 16 × 16 letters.2018–07–30rpu051.pdf (large letters, A4 or A3)
Women of the Bible.2 puzzles: One with 73 words, size 21 × 20 letters, and one with 76 words, size 20 × 20 letters.2018–07–30rpu052.pdf (large letters, A4 or A3)
The prophet Samuel.40 words, size 16 × 16 letters.2018–07–30rpu053.pdf (large letters, A4 or A3)
Joshua the son of Nun.59 words, size 19 × 19 letters.2018–07–30rpu054.pdf (large letters, A4 or A3)
Aaron the priest.56 words, size 19 × 18 letters.2018–07–30rpu055.pdf (large letters, A4 or A3)
Genesis 24, Abraham’s servant getting a wife for Isaac, from Mesopotamia.45 words, size 19 × 13 letters.2018–07–30rpu056.pdf (normal text, A4 or A3)
rpu056b.pdf (larger letters on A4)
The prophet Jeremiah.51 words, size 19 × 19 letters.2018–07–30rpu057.pdf (large letters, A4 or A3)
John the Baptist.41 words, size 17 × 17 letters.2018–07–29rpu058.pdf (large letters, A4 or A3)
The prophet Isaiah.38 words, size 18 × 14 letters.2018–07–29rpu059.pdf (large letters, A4 or A3)
The Days of Unleavened Bread.46 words, size 25 × 13 letters.2019–05–01rpu060.pdf (normal text, A4 or A3)
rpu060b.pdf (larger letters on A4)
The apostle Paul’s journeys.78 words, 28 × 17 letters.2019–04–14rpu061.pdf (normal text, A4 or A3)
rpu061b.pdf (larger letters on A4)
Sarah.48 words, 16 × 15 letters.2018–07–29rpu062.pdf (large letters, A4 or A3)
The history of Israel.135 words, 28 × 28 letters. This is a large and hard puzzle, for the most ardent word finders.2018–07–30rpu063.pdf (normal text, A4 or A3)
rpu063b.pdf (larger letters on A4)
Random words from the Scriptures.70 words, 20 × 30 letters.2018–07–29rpu064.pdf (large letters, A4 or A3)
Random words from the Bible.70 words, 20 × 30 letters.2018–07–29rpu065.pdf (large letters, A4 or A3)
Acts 27–28, the apostle Paul’s journey to Rome.4 puzzles with 71 words each, size 26 × 15 letters.2019–04–14rpu066.pdf (large letters, A4 or A3)

Some notes on these word-mazes.

These puzzles are made for adults. Some of them can even be used as an activity for youth, but they are too difficult for children in their first school years.

These puzzles do not contain any “hidden messages” consisting of “left-over letters”.

Printing advice: If you use Adobe Reader for printing these puzzles, look for the alternative “fit within printable area” and select it, so that the puzzle will cover the whole paper.

Please note that these word-mazes are meant as brain-teasers and not as biblical, geographical or historical lessons. But, as many of them contain names and places that most likely are not familiar to all people (but which are mentioned in the Bible), perhaps they can serve as a reminder that we all should keep studying the Scriptures. A suggestion: Take one of these puzzles, and your bible-study material, and find out who, what and where the persons, places and things that are mentioned in the puzzle, really were.

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