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Section Hierarchy to Hypocrisy
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Hierarchy, hierarchic

High days (notes on the Old Covenant’s holy days and their symbolism)

Hinnom (the valley of Hinnom) – Look under the heading “Hell”.

Holy, holiness, holy ones, Holy of holies

Honest, honesty


Hor (Mount Hor, Numbers 20:22 et cetera) → (roa062.htm)

Horeb (the same as Mount Sinai) – Look under the heading “Sinai”.



Hoshana rabbah – a Jewish name for the “Last Great Day” (John 7:37). → rxa063.htm


Host (in the meaning “the Lord of hosts”, translation of the Hebrew Yahweh tsabaoth) – Look under the heading “Omnipotent”.

Host (in the meaning “oblation”) – Look under the heading “Eucharist”.

House of God

House of David, house of Israel

Humility – On pride and humility in connection with religion. → rga102.htm

Hundred and forty-four thousand – Look under the heading “144000”.

Husband, husbands

Husbandman, husbandmen

Hypocrite, hypocrisy

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