Scouts and scouting – what parents should know about the scout movement

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Numerous organisations – religious, political and other – have scouting programs or support such. Much of what they do is good and fine, but there are certain things that parents should know and consider, regarding the scout movement and its origins and goals.

The origin of scouting.

It was founded by Robert Baden-Powell, a British military general, a man of war. It is hard to say what his goals and motives exactly were, but it is clear that scouting was founded as preparatory, basic military training. This comes to expression even in our day: Many scouts wear uniforms, and they have grades, ranks, field-exercise, orders, trumpet-signals, medals, and “patriotism”. The very word “scout” is a military term which refers to a soldier who during war is sent out to reconnoitre, to spy and thus prepare the way for a military attack.

A note: Often, the various scouting programs practise political or religious indoctrination, or both, in one way or another.

The scout movement has occult symbols.

The “French lily” or fleur de lis, is a common scouting symbol. It is an attribute of the Egyptian god Horus. (The Catholics have used it as a symbol for their “Mary”, the Queen of heaven.)

Earlier, even the swastika was used as a scout symbol. And, those who have taken a closer look at scouting, know that it has many occult symbols.

The “patron saint” of scouting, whose symbol or colours scouts sometimes carry, is called “Saint George”. There are many misleading stories (Catholic and other) in regard to that “saint”, but a deeper study shows that that “George” is in fact a symbol which points to a certain sinister person.

The American part of the boy-scout movement was started by a Freemason.

Many Freemasons are involved in scouting even today, not only in the USA but even in other parts of the world. (Freemasonry is an occult society; the article rwa042.htm has more on this.)

It is said that Robert Baden-Powell who founded the scout-movement, was “not a Freemason”. But, he was a high-ranking officer in the British army, and so, it is likely that he was a member of some secret society, similar to Freemasonry. Even the various occult symbols which he chose as the tokens and logo for the scouting movement, are a clear indication of this. Apparently, Baden-Powell’s brother was a Mason, as well as many of his friends.

There are many intimate ties between Masonry and the boy scout movement. And then, there are many other religious, political and similar organisations that have their own scout groups, and want to have people’s children in their custody and “training”.

Some notes.

A large part of those who work in different youth programs, scouting or other, are probably sincere and without dark motives. Many give much of their time for those things, for free.

But, it is important to realise that there is always a reason why various organisations want to get hold of people’s children. Churches, political organisations, Freemasons and others – the reason why they have scouts and other youth groups, is that they want to form children’s minds, according to their own values and teachings.

There is also the fact that in many “youth programs”, children risk being abused in different ways – physically, mentally, spiritually.

Parents should not hand over their children to such programs. Instead, it is the parents themselves, and the extended family, who must be with the children and teach them proper values and useful things, including life outdoors. Parents are responsible for their own children and for teaching them, and for protecting them from dangers and evil influences.

A note: What was said above, applies not only to scouting but to all kinds of “summer camps” and “youth programs” that are arranged by various political and religious organisations and similar groups.

Another note: If you feel that you do not “have enough time” for being with your children, make sure to read the article rwa062.htm; it provides a simple way for getting more time for the important things.

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