The three houses problem

A small brain-teaser with a big lesson

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The “three houses problem” is a small brain-teaser, but there is a big lesson connected to it. The solution page explains what that lesson is, but first, have a go at this problem. Imagine that you have three houses, and three utilities: An electrical power station, waterworks and a gas distribution central. Your task is to connect each of the three utilities to the three houses, in such a way that the supply lines do not cross or touch each other. Here is an illustration of the problem:


Again, each of the three utilities are to be connected to the three houses, and none of the lines or pipes are allowed to cross or touch each other. Also: Thinking it all to be “only on paper” and then bending the paper, or in some other way adding an extra dimension as a help, is not allowed.

There is a solution to this “problem”, a simple one. Try solving it first, but if you cannot figure it out, see the page rwa072b.htm.

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