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For search tips, see further down. – Please note that the search results will include only pages that contain all of the entered words.
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Some tips:

This search system has an automatic wild-card function. This means that you can truncate the search string at both ends. Example: The string angel will find all pages with such words as angel, angels, archangel, archangels and so on.

This search system is not “intuitive”. It finds only words with the exact spelling that you enter. Mostly, this site uses British spelling, such as Saviour rather than Savior, but it contains many bible-quotes with American and archaic spellings. The truncated search string savio will find both of those words. Similar: For instance the name Timothy is in some translations spelled as Timotheus. You can use the truncated search string timot which will find both spelling forms.

If the search string contains multiple words, the search results will include only pages that contain all of those words. This system has no “OR” operator.

Do not include articles or bind-words. Example: If you look for the great multitude, skip the article the and perhaps even the word great. If you look for Paul’s, skip the apostrophe and the s and enter only Paul.

This system does not work with accented characters, or with Greek letters.

Scripture search

Use this search format:

"Matthew 24"

"1 Corinthians 1"

"2 John"

Include the quote-marks and spaces, and use only chapter numbers and leave out verse numbers. Please note that for various reasons, this system will not find all of the pages where some specific book and chapter is mentioned. You can also use the key-word index which lists scriptures that are quoted or mentioned at this site, but please note that it is not a complete index of all things at this site. – See also the table of contents for this site, on the page contents.htm.

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