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Section Timothy to TRC
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Timothy, and the letters 1 and 2 Timothy

TIS (A Greek NT text.) → rsa092.htm

Tithe, tithing

Titles – What does the Bible say about religious titles, such as “apostle”, “bishop”, “evangelist”, “father”, “pastor” and so on? → raa082.htm

Tittle (“jot” or “tittle”, Matthew 5:18) – Look under the heading “Iota”.


TNK = an acronym created of the words Torah, Neviim and Kethuvim which are Jewish names for sections in the Old Testament. The word “Tanakh” comes from that acronym. → rca012.htm, appendix

Tongues – Regarding glossolalia (“speaking in tongues”), look under the heading “Glossolalia”.


Torment – Does Revelation 14:10–11 mean that God will keep some humans in an everlasting torment? → rta072.htm

TR (A Latin-Greek NT text.) – Look under the heading “Textus receptus”.

Transcribe, transcribing (Hebrew and Greek words into English) – Look below, under the heading “Transliterate, transliteration”.

Transgress, transgression

Translate, translation

Transliterate, transliteration (transcribe, transcription)

TRC (A bible-translation.) → rsa092.htm

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Table of contents – a list of the articles at this site, with short subject descriptions. → contents.htm
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