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This table contains a list of the articles at this site, with short subject descriptions. Please note that many matters may be discussed as a side-note in an article on some other subject; some are covered by shorter notes in the multi-page key-word index for this site. You can also use that index, or the site search system, for finding specific things at this site.

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Matthew 16:18, “I will build my assembly, and the gates of hades shall not prevail against it”. What and where was the ekklêsia or assembly which Jesus said he would form? Was it an earthly religious organisation as some claim, or something else?raa011.htm2018–09–19
Does Galatians 4:26 refer to a church as some say, or to the heavenly Jerusalem as the Bible says?raa021.htm2018–08–28
“Church eras” – do they exist? Are there seven “eras of the church”, as some say – “Sardis era”, “Philadelphian era”, “Laodicean era” and so on?raa031.htm2018–07–24
Worshipping God. What does the Bible say about worship, in connection with the New Covenant?raa041.htm2018–08–05
Is Jesus a “capstone on top of a pyramid”, as some say? Or is he, as several bible-passages say, the main corner-stone of the foundation of God’s spiritual dwelling?raa051.htm2018–07–24
1 Corinthians 1:10, the translation “all speak the same thing”. What was the apostle Paul talking about?raa061.htm2018–09–20
On James 3:1, the translation “be not many masters”. What does that verse really mean and refer to?raa071.htm2018–08–03
What does the Bible say about religious titles, such as “apostle”, “bishop”, “evangelist”, “father”, “pastor” and so on?raa080.htm2018–07–24
What powers were given to the apostles? Also: Did Simon Peter receive some special authority?raa091.htm2018–07–24
What the Bible says about marking, avoiding and excommunication.raa102.htm2018–09–06
John 15, “I am the vine, you are the branches”. The parable of the vinedresser, the vine, the branches and the fruit.raa111.htm2018–07–24
The “root of bitterness” of Hebrews 12:15 – what or who was it? Also, some notes on bitter things mentioned elsewhere in the Bible.raa121.htm2018–07–24
Does the Bible say anything about voting? Should believers vote, such as about things within their fellowships or in political elections in the society around them?raa131.htm2018–08–12
Some notes on the apostle Paul’s letter to Ephesus, and Acts 19–20.raa141.htm2018–08–17
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On the giving of the Holy Spirit.rba010.htm2018–09–07
What does the Bible say about calling, election and sanctification?rba020.htm2018–07–24
On the word “predestination” which appears in many bible-translations.rba031.htm2018–07–24
What does the Bible say about Heaven? Were the saints to go there? What about others? What does it look like, in Heaven?rba041.htm2018–07–24
On the “new creation” of 2 Corinthians 5:17.rba051.htm2018–07–24
Matthew 25, the parable of the ten virgins. The five wise virgins, the five foolish ones, and the lamps and the oil.rba060.htm2018–07–24
Matthew 16:19, the keys of the Kingdom of Heaven, and “bind” and “loose”. What kind of “keys” and “binding and loosing” was Jesus talking about?rba071.htm2018–08–05
What does the Bible say about the matter of resurrection?rba081.htm2018–07–24
What does the word “faith” mean? What is true faith?rba091.htm2018–07–24
A study on the matter of prayer.rba100.htm2018–07–24
Religion must not be skin-deep only. Believers must take the matters of faith seriously.rba111.htm2018–07–24
The New Covenant versus the Old Covenant. Also, some notes on Matthew 5:17–18 and 19–20.rca011.htm2018–08–28
Some notes on the two covenants, old and new.rca021.htm2018–07–24
The Old Testament: What is the difference between “charges”, “commandments”, “decrees”, “judgments”, “law”, “ordinances”, “precepts” and “statutes”?rca031.htm2018–07–24
The New Covenant’s bread and wine, versus the Old Covenant’s Passover.rca041.htm2018–07–24
On the Decalogue, “the words of the covenant, the ten words”.rca051.htm2018–07–24
Where can one find the rules of the New Covenant, in written form?rca061.htm2018–07–24
On biblical covenant signs, including the New Covenant related sign which shows who are God’s people.rca071.htm2018–09–08
On Galatians 3:17–19 and what the apostle Paul meant by “added law”.rca081.htm2018–07–24
The New Covenant is indeed something new, and not a “renewal” or “modification” of the Old Covenant.rca091.htm2018–07–24
Some notes on the phrases “not under law but under grace” and “released from the law”.rca101.htm2018–07–24
Many talk about “the spirit of the law” versus “the letter of the law”, but those expressions are not found in the Bible. On the meaning of the phrases “the Spirit” and “the letter” in 2 Corinthians 3:6–8 and Romans 7:6.rca111.htm2018–07–24
On 1 John 3:4 and its translation and meaning.rca121.htm2018–07–24
On the word olam in the Hebrew text of the Old Testament. Some notes on bible-translations which make it seem that the Old Covenant was to be “everlasting”.rca131.htm2018–07–24
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The cherubs or keruwbim, what did they look like?rda011.htm2018–07–24
Are angels immortal, in the meaning that they cannot die?rda021.htm2018–07–24
On the “dragons”, “satyrs”, “unicorns”, “flying serpents” and other odd creatures that appear in some bible-versions.rda031.htm2018–08–11
What does the Bible say about Satan the Devil? A study on what the Scriptures tell us about mankind’s arch-enemy.rda040.htm2018–07–24
Do Isaiah 14 and Ezekiel 28 refer to Satan, as some claim?rda050.htm2018–07–24
Colossians 1:26, “the mystery of the ages”. How Jesus conquered and spoiled certain principalities and powers.rda060.htm2018–07–24
What does the Bible say about angels?rda070.htm2018–07–24
On what the Scriptures say about demons.rda081.htm2018–07–24
What does the Bible say about elders? What was their role in the saints’ fellowships?rea011.htm2018–07–24
What does the Bible say about ordaining or ordination? How did the saints choose their elders? Were those elders “ordained”, and did they function as “priests” of some kind?rea021.htm2018–07–24
Is “servant leadership” a biblical concept? On what the Bible says about leadership among Jesus’ disciples.rea031.htm2018–07–24
Did elders in the saints’ fellowships act as “rulers”? On the translation and meaning of Hebrews 13:7, 17 and 24 and certain other passages.rea041.htm2018–09–18
On Titus 1:15 and the translation “to the pure all things are pure”, and what that verse really means and refers to.rea051.htm2018–07–24
What does the Bible say about deacons?rea062.htm2018–07–24
On the words “gentiles”, “pagans” and “heathen” and what they actually mean and refer to.rga011.htm2018–07–24
Easy keys to deeper understanding of the Scriptures.rga020.htm2018–07–24
What does the word “saint” mean and refer to, in the Bible?rga031.htm2018–07–24
What happened to the saints? Why is there no record of their doings, after the middle of the first century?rga041.htm2018–07–24
Are parousia and rapture biblical concepts?rga051.htm2018–07–24
The origin and meaning of the word “church”.rga061.htm2018–07–24
The meaning of the words Christ and Messiah and the name Jesus. Also, some notes on the word “Christian” in the New Testament.rga071.htm2018–08–28
What does the word “righteous” really mean? What does the Bible say about righteousness?rga082.htm2018–08–10
The names of the apostles who are mentioned in the Bible.rga092.htm2018–07–24
Pride and humility in connection with religion.rga101.htm2018–07–24
Does the New Covenant have “food rules” of the kind the Old Covenant had?rha011.htm2018–07–24
On 1 Corinthians 8:1–12 and 10:14–32 and their translation and meaning. Did the apostle Paul mean that the saints could eat and drink things that were dedicated to idols?rha021.htm2018–07–24
What is the truth about tithing, the concept of giving “tithes” to a church? Also, what about “offerings”?rma011.htm2018–08–11
On Acts 20:35 and what the apostle Paul meant when he reminded the elders from Ephesus that it is more blessed to give than to receive.rma022.htm2018–09–06
On the example the apostle Paul set, for others to imitate.rma032.htm2018–09–06
On Galatians 6:6 and its translation and meaning. Does it refer to sharing one’s goods with a preacher, as some translations make it seem, or to joining in in doing good, as the Greek text indicates?rma040.htm2018–07–24
On 1 Corinthians 9:14–18. The apostle Paul made a special point of the fact that he had not lived at the cost of others and that he was not about to do that either.rma051.htm2018–08–12
On the translation and meaning of 1 Thessalonians 2:6. Was the apostle Paul talking about dignity, or about a “right to be burdensome”?rma062.htm2018–09–06
How the saints took care of the elderly and the poor.rma071.htm2018–07–24
A study on the phrases “the snare of the Devil” and “the love of money is the root of all evil”. How those who were to proclaim the Good Tidings, could become spiritually unfruitful.rma081.htm2018–07–24
On 2 Corinthians 11:8, the translation “I robbed other churches, taking wages of them”. Was the apostle Paul paid for his proclaiming work?rma091.htm2018–07–24
On the “giving and receiving” of Philippians 4:14–16.rma101.htm2018–07–24
Jannes and Jambres of 2 Timothy 3 – who were they?rma110.htm2018–07–24
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What is the Kingdom of God? Where is it located? Does it exist already, or is it only going to be established in the future? Or, is it merely something “in the hearts of men”?roa010.htm2018–07–24
What does the Bible say about the antichrist or antichrists? On the meaning of the words antichristos and pseudochristos in the Greek text of the New Testament.roa020.htm2018–07–24
Are believers a “royal priesthood” or “kings and priests”, as some say? How should one understand 1 Peter 2:4–9?roa031.htm2018–09–19
Acts 15 and the matter of the two covenants, old and new.roa041.htm2018–09–09
What does the Bible say about lying? Should believers lie? A study regarding lies, liars and self-deception.roa051.htm2018–08–13
The route of the Exodus, and the location of Mount Sinai. Did the Israelites cross the Red Sea by the Gulf of Suez, or by the Gulf of Aqaba? Or, was it some “reed sea” they went over, as some say? And, where did the forty-year desert sojourn take place?roa061.htm2018–07–24
Colossians 2:16–17, “let no man therefore judge you”. What was the apostle Paul really talking about?roa071.htm2018–07–24
Moses – Jesus the Second Moses – parallels between Moses and Jesus – the seat of Moses – Jesus, Moses and Elijah.roa080.htm2018–07–24
Jesus warned about false prophets, deceivers and deception. He said that many would be deceived.roa091.htm2018–07–24
Matthew 6:33, “But seek you first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you”. What did Jesus mean? How were the disciples to go about “seeking the Kingdom”?roa101.htm2018–07–24
The apostle Paul and his teachings.roa112.htm2018–09–08
What does the Bible say about the Pharisees?roa120.htm2018–07–24
Who were the Sadducees, and what were their teachings? Also: Who were the Herodians and the Boethusians?roa131.htm2018–07–24
What does salt symbolise, in the Bible?roa140.htm2018–07–24
Some notes on the ancient Greek word theos, including its eventual origin and meaning.roa151.htm2018–07–24
Did the apostle Paul really uphold slavery, as many bible-translations make it seem?roa161.htm2018–07–24
On the temple and the sacrifices of Ezekiel 40 to 48.roa170.htm2018–07–24
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How to study the Bible in a deeper way.rsa010.htm2018–07–24
Some notes on computer bibles, bible study software.rsa022.htm2018–09–22
On the King James translation. The story behind king James’ bible, including the men who were involved in producing it.rsa030.htm2018–09–01
Check your bible-knowledge. A self-test with fifteen questions.rsa041.htm 2018–09–20
Whom should one listen to, in regard to spiritual matters?rsa051.htm2018–07–24
What does the Bible say about authority? Who has biblical, spiritual or religious authority? Who can speak for God?rsa061.htm2018–09–16
On the words and concepts “clergy” and “laity”.rsa071.htm2018–07–24
What does the word “doctrine” really mean and refer to? Likewise, what is the meaning of the terms “dogma”, “creed” and “tenet”?rsa081.htm2018–07–24
An explanation of the short names for the bible-translations that are quoted or mentioned at this site.rsa091.htm2018–07–24
The two witnesses of the book of Revelation. Also: Similarities between their work and that of Moses, Elijah and John the Baptist.rta010.htm2018–07–24
On Elijah of the Old Testament and John the Baptist and the Elijah or Elias who is mentioned in the New Testament.rta021.htm2018–07–24
Who are the 144000 and the great multitude of Revelation 7? And, who are the first-fruits or virgins of Revelation 14:1–4?rta031.htm2018–07–24
What does the Bible say about the “great tribulation”? On Matthew 24:21 and Revelation 7:14.rta041.htm2018–07–24
On the different kinds of prophetic trumpets which are mentioned in the Bible – trumps of God, and those of the seven angels. Also: What did the apostle Paul mean and refer to when he wrote about a “last” trump or blast?rta051.htm2018–09–12
The “great white throne judgment” – when will it take place?rta061.htm2018–07–24
What does Revelation 14:10 mean? Will some humans be tormented with “fire and brimstone”, for “ages and ages”?rta071.htm2018–08–02
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Why does God allow evil, sickness, pain, war and suffering?rwa010.htm2018–07–24
Are the rulers and governments of this world appointed by God? The so-called “divine right of kings” – is there such a thing?rwa021.htm2018–08–08
The Babylon of the book of Revelation, what or where is it?rwa031.htm2018–08–05
Freemasonry and Freemason halls – things believers should know about them.rwa041.htm2018–07–24
What all should know about Christmas and the Advent period and what they symbolise and point to.rwa050.htm2018–07–24
A challenge to all believers, regarding something important.rwa061.htm2018–07–24
The three houses problem – a small brain-teaser with a big lesson.rwa071.htm2018–07–24
Maps and some notes on certain kingdoms which are mentioned in the Bible – Assyria, Babylon or Chaldea, Media and Persia.rwa081.htm2018–07–24
Scouts and scouting – what parents should know about the scout movement.rwa091.htm2018–07–24
The Days of Unleavened Bread and their symbolism.rxa011.htm2018–09–12
The Old Covenant’s high day Pentecost and its symbolism, and some New Covenant parallels.rxa021.htm2018–09–12
The Feast of Trumpets and its symbolism.rxa032.htm2018–09–12
On the Day of Atonement and its symbolism.rxa042.htm2018–09–12
On the symbolism of the Feast of Tabernacles.rxa052.htm2018–09–13
The “Last Great Day” and its symbolism. Some notes on “the last day, the great one of the feast” which is mentioned in John 7:37.rxa062.htm2018–09–14
On the Assembly on the Eighth Day and its symbolism.rxa072.htm2018–09–15
How the ancient Israelites reckoned the dates for their annual high days.rxa081.htm2018–09–12
Should the Old Covenant’s Sabbaths, the annual ones and the weekly one, be kept today?rxa092.htm2018–09–15
Hebrews 4:9, the sabbatismos or rest which the saints were to enter – a clarification of its actual nature.rxa101.htm2018–09–12
The symbolism of the Old Covenant’s weekly day of rest, the Sabbath.rxa112.htm2018–09–12
The following section contains articles with comments on certain Anglo-Israelist dogmas.
What biblical prophecy says about the fate of the lost ten tribes of Israel.rya011.htm2018–07–24
Leviticus 26:19, “and I will break the pride of your power”. How and when was the Israelites’ pride broken?rya021.htm2018–07–24
On the meaning of Genesis 22:17, the words “and your seed shall possess the gate of his enemies”.rya031.htm2018–07–24
Jacob’s birthright, and that of his son Joseph. On what the concept “birthright” meant and referred to, in regard to inheritance, in ancient times.rya041.htm2018–07–24
On the meaning of the words “seven times” in Leviticus 26:18, 21, 24 and 28. Does the wording in the Hebrew text mean “seven times more” or “sevenfold” as many translations have it, or “2520 years” as some writers have claimed?rya051.htm2018–07–24
Jeremiah 30:7, “the time of Jacob’s trouble”. On what chapter 30 in the book of Jeremiah means and refers to.rya061.htm2018–07–24
On the prophet Ezekiel and his mission, and the “Ezekiel message” dogma.rya071.htm2018–07–24
Matthew 10:5–6, “do not go into the way of the gentiles and do not enter a city of the Samaritans, but go rather to the lost sheep of the house of Israel”. Who and where were those “sheep”? Where did the apostles go?rya082.htm2018–07–24
Did the ten lost tribes of Israel move to Europe? Are the white north-west Europeans Israelites, as some say?rya091.htm2018–07–24
Is the line of David the king of Israel still ruling somewhere on Earth?rya101.htm2018–07–24
The meaning of the words “branch” and “twig” in Ezekiel 17:22. Some notes on Anglo-Israelist dogmas regarding king Zedekiah’s daughters.rya111.htm2018–07–24
The prophet Jeremiah – where did he die? Did he go to Ireland, as some have claimed? Also, what about the “stone of destiny” which some writers talk about?rya121.htm2018–07–24
Did people of the ten “lost” tribes of Israel travel to Greece, Denmark and Ireland? Some notes on certain Anglo-Israelist dogmas.rya131.htm2018–07–24
Regarding Anglo-Israelism: What if Russia with her Slavic sister nations are the lost ten tribes of Israel?rya141.htm2018–08–15
Ethnic groups which could eventually belong to the “lost” tribes of Israel.rya151.htm2018–07–24
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